Student club raises awareness on sustainability practices


Students filled plastic bottles with their pledges of practicing better sustainability. They then hung the bottles on the chandelier. The chandelier itself might be auction that a later date. Photo credit: George Johnston

With a giant a plastic chandelier honing inside a canopy as their set piece, Student Sustainability Practices hosted “Plastic by the Numbers.”

This event took place at Trinity Commons on Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. “Plastic by the Numbers” had a main goal of showing students the impact of plastic bottle use and to teach better recycling habits. Those who participated in the event could take part in raffles and free food.

“I think that we get this message a lot; plastic is bad, plastic is bad, plastic is an issue. We always hear about it. We hear these numbers,” Cole Euell, President of Student Sustainability Practices, said. “What we wanted to do with this was to bring something in front of their eyes that you visualize the problem and that’s what the chandelier does.”

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