Salon d’Art showcases local artists

The holiday season calls for huge amounts of decorations and holly, but why not add an artistic piece to the collection. Last weekend the Chico Art Center hosted its annual exhibition, Salon d’Art. Local artists had the opportunity to showcase their creative talents.

“Twenty artists are participating this year. Winter Salon d’Art is a chance for them to display their work for the community during the holiday season,” said director Darah Votaw.

The Chico Art Center is a non-profit organization providing opportunities to learn, create, view, sell and share art for the entire Chico community. This years creations include ceramics, paintings, jewelry and fibers, she said.

Chicoan Carob Bradlyn and her husband Justin are both local artists who’ve had a passion for the arts since a young age.

“My first love in art was ceramics. I studied it all the way through Butte College and Chico State,” said Bradlyn. “I also fell in love with photography, which took control of my artistic life for a long time. Mostly these days I am into acrylic paint and paint pens.”

Drawing inspiration from artists such as MC Escher, Keith Haring, the first woman artist Artemisia Gentileschi, and her husband, Bradlyn has created multiple masterpieces.

“I will be showing a few of my newest paintings, “The Senator Theatre,” “DNA,” and “Ceramics, My First Love.” My husband will be showing his fabulous robot paintings,” said Bradlyn.

Artist’s works will be displayed and a reception will be held for the community to meet the artists, purchase artwork and to celebrate the season with the art society.

“It is the best place to purchase one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family while supporting local artists and the local community,” said Votaw.