Chico State students are burglarized


Students comment on the relative subject (Facebook post screenshot).

Chico State students are victims of burglary in local living community.

Brittany Leigh Snelson, third-year liberal studies major, shared her experience through a Facebook post in which various Chico State students related May 1.

Students relate to the local burglary post (Facebook post screenshot).

“I woke up at 2:40 a.m. to my dog barking and she never barks. I see a dude with a hood on in my room, didn’t see his face and I said ‘Who the fuck are you,'” said Snelson.

Chico State student
Snelson encountered a burlgar breaking into her home in the middle of the night. Photo credit: Jacqueline Morales

Snelson lives in a single studio apartment on Eighth Street and Normal Avenue where she claims to have woken up to a man burglarizing the apartment. She believes the man has been stalking her home before the assault. The case has been reported to authorities.

“I took extra precautions. But it’s more of just the fact that I had someone in my house while I was sleeping and if I didn’t wake up I don’t know what would’ve happened. He did not do anything to me physically, thank God, or to my dog!”

Snelson sent out the Facebook post to alert students. She later received several related responses.

Students Relate
Chico State students living in the local area relate to the recent incident (Facebook post screenshot).

Students Relate
Students comment on the relative subject (Facebook post screenshot).
burg 5.jpg
Students Relate
Many students have encountered the same guy on various occasions lurking in the neighborhood (Facebook post screenshot).

Students reporting similar incidents live within the same neighborhood.

In attempts to reduce the amount of burglaries victimizing the local students, a private Facebook group was created.

Neighborhood watch
Chico State students create a facebook group to remain on the safe side (Facebook post screenshot).

The Admin states the purpose of the Facebook group through a post.
Facebook Group
A neighborhood group was created to be kept safe (Facebook post screenshot).

Jacqueline Morales can be reached at [email protected] or @jackie_theorion on Twitter.