Graduation breaks up students


Photo credit: Katia Berg

With graduation approaching for Chico State seniors, figuring out whether to break up or stay together after college is the tough decision couples need to make.

Most people choose not to stay in Chico to return back home or find a steady job somewhere else. This can create conflict if a person’s partner does not choose to go with them.

Long distance relationships can be the result of people moving away from their college to pursue other opportunities. According to, this kind of relationship fails 40 percent of the time.

But a significant amount of college students are already in a relationship. Out of the overall college population, 33 percent of students are in a long distance relationship. However, after college, most people need to prioritize for themselves instead of their significant other.

Financial issues might be the most damaging thing to a college couple. Debts from school need to be paid off and the lack of a future career might cause couples to fight more often since each person is more stressed.

While in college, paying for meals and providing moral support at school or work can be extremely beneficial for students. This is still a great asset to have after college, but it isn’t always possible. Most students are lost after college and do not know where they are going since only 17 percent of students have a job lined up after college according to

With no certain future, caring for another person might not be possible for some students. Along with this, the stresses of trying to figure out the future and encourage someone else on their own adventure can build up.

Breaking up with someone for graduating doesn’t seem like a good reason, but if it avoids stress and makes both people happier, then it is the right choice. Some couples might be able to make it past the long distance relationships, but most won’t have the time to contribute properly to the relationship.

Some students might not feel as sad about leaving their relationships. According to the Washington Post, most students have gone on as little as four dates during their college careers and might not feel as committed to their partner as they are to hooking up.

Regardless of the attraction that a person has to a relationship, breaking up because of graduating isn’t fun for anyone. Leaving a relationship that might have helped both people through college might not be easy, but could be necessary to alleviate some stress of finding a career and a place to live.

Student relationships in college can provide enormous benefits such as a place to live, but ending one is an extremely difficult task for most people.

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