Remedial Math and English is no longer an option


These workshop like classes, will meet throughout the academic year. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Christian Solis

Chico State will no longer offer English and Math remediation.

Starting Fall 2018, Graduation Initiative 2025 will be implemented to increase four year graduation rates and eliminate achievement gaps in minority and low-income groups.

The faculty of Chico State are mandated to turn remedial prerequisites into co-requisites.

Chris Fosen, Professor of the English Department, said he feels the initiative is not much different from the workshops already offered.

Rick Ford, Chair of the Mathematics Department, said he faces the complicated process of combining co-requisites into seven different basic math courses, each requiring curriculum overhaul.

Both professors expressed concern over funding for new class sections, teachers, and hours spent reforming.

While the initiative is not an unfunded mandate, costs are up to each school, as well as quality and quantity of learning and graduation rates.

For more information visit Graduation Initiative 2025.

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