“Dear White People” – real messages from a fictional college


Poster of “Dear White People”

The Netflix original show “Dear White People” follows a group of black students at a predominantly white Ivy League college campus while exposing an abundance of real-world issues in this satirical-comedic drama. This show discusses matters like blatant racism, coming out, interracial dating, racial profiling among police and so much more.

This series is based off a film with the same name, but the series title in itself brought controversy. Offended white people responded saying there should be a “Dear Black People” too. However, saying that is unneeded. In the show, Samantha White has a radio talk show on campus called “Dear White People,” where she attacks racism on campus. This is a satirical comedy-drama, so the name of her talk show isn’t meant to be offensive to white people.

White people are not being oppressed, especially now. With all that is going on in Charlottesville, this show brings so much awareness to real life racism that is occurring throughout our nation. Presented in the show is a black student union that deals with all kinds of issues with their campus community. Main character Samantha White is a highly influential leader of the black student union, but experiences neglect from her black peers when it is revealed that she is in a relationship with a white man. Not only does this show deal with racism, but it also depicts the struggles of a gay male figuring out who he truly is and that his desires are okay.

This show is relatable to Chico State students since this is a predominantly white campus. Concepts in this show relate to our everyday college lives because we are all different ethnicities and come from different backgrounds, but everyone should notice and respect that.

I believe there is so much to be learned from watching this show, no matter what ethnicity, gender or sexual preference you are. There is only one season on Netflix, but they have confirmed there will be a second season. If you want to watch a show that unveils controversial topics extremely prevalent in our nation, check out “Dear White People” next time you have some spare time.

Sophia Robledo-Borowy can be reached at [email protected] or @Sophhhia3 on Twitter.