Car flips during an accident


The man inside the flipped pick up trick suffered minor injuries. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Christian Solis

Tow-Truck crashes into a pickup truck this afternoon.

A tow-truck coming down 8th St., a one way street, slammed into a silver pickup truck trying to cross the intersection going up Ivy Street.

Car Accident
Pickup flipped over after hit by a tow-truck. Photo credit: Christian Solis

According to Kevin, tow-truck driver, as he was coming down 8th St. about 100 feet before the intersection when the pickup truck barreled across the intersection. Kevin had no way to stop in time, flipping the pickup over the corner of 8th and Ivy.

Sophia Phillips, an eye witness, was at the intersection waiting to make a right turn onto 8th street as it happened.

According to Phillips, the pickup did not stop at the stop sign before it was hit by the oncoming tow-truck.

Car accident
The pickup landed on the corner of 8th and Ivy. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Kevin is safe and uninjured. The pickup driver went to the hospital due to neck pain.

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