Construction delays


Construction delays Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Picture this: you’re walking to geology class Monday morning on the first day of freshman year. It’s warm outside, you’re confident in your ability to make it through these four years without having a mental breakdown.

You walk past Holt and are planning on crossing one of the bridges to make it to the Physical Sciences Buiding after stopping by Sylvester’s cafe for coffee.

Imagine yourself walking in early, impressing both your professor and the girl sitting next to you. You get an A in the class, A+ in life and become the next award-winning geologist for National Geographic.

The bridge to cross the creek is under construction. Due to the fact that you’re a freshman, already a bit lost and now slightly-panicky, you decide to walk all the way back to around campus, around the library, and are 10 minutes late to class. You trip, fall down the stairs to your seat and drop your coffee. Thus begins your first mental breakdown of your college career.

All hypothetical of course, but this is still an annoying part of walking on campus for many Chico State students.

The bridge installments in 2015 and 2016, which left crossing from one side of the Chico Creek to the other side of campus limited for a number of months, and the closure of the library entrance this summer, it seems that whenever there is a renovation on campus, it comes at a cost for staff and students.

Faculty and students know how annoying it can be when we have to walk back to campus in the rain, cold, extreme heat to make it to class or meetings on time. I know that I am one of those who would definitely rather have a shorter walk than a longer one to my 8 A.M. biology lecture.

However, we should completely on board to these renovations, as I would hope the majority would be. The planter boxes look beautiful, and the new bridges were necessary to replace damages and increase safety.

The obvious solution would be having construction during spring break, Thanksgiving, winter, summer break.Easiest wat to meet construction goals without the heavy flow of foot-traffic.

As it seems that the majority of work is scheduled for these times, I think that we are all in the clear here. As for students and staff, I suppose it might be smart for me, my friends, and my professors to invest in a better alarm clock, and buy an at-home coffee maker.

We’re already so lucky to be able to have a college education or be considered smart enough to pass that knowledge onto others. Maybe we should count our blessings and learn to live with it.

Kendall George can be reached at [email protected] or @kendallmgeorge on twitter.