Stolen items found in a local storage unit


Sgt. Steve Collins investigates the case. Photo courtesy of Butte County Sheriff’s Office.

Storage unit full of stolen items was unlocked by Butte County Sheriff’s Office.

Tuesday, the sheriff’s office received a tip that there may be stolen property in a local storage unit, A.B. Self Storage.

A.B. Self Storage
Stolen items were found inside a storage unit. Photo courtesy of A.B. Self Storage

Sgt. Steve Collins was on the scene when they arrived. He said, “Stolen golf clubs, mail, laptops, TVs, hockey equipment, drones and motorcycle helmets among plenty other stuff.”

According to a public video, they knew it was stolen because they contacted the people’s mail that was found and they had no idea it was gone.

There is a possible suspect in the case, however there has yet to be an arrest. Police now face the difficult task of returning items to the proper owners.

If you can provide a detailed description of any possible stolen items contact BCSO Investigtions Unit at (530) 538-7321

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