The Chico community unites with a common goal; Depolarizing Chico


Little girl places ball in community basket. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Local Depolarize Chico group worked to start healing the political rift in Chico.

At the Thursday Night Market, people were asked to separate themselves into labels they identified with like veterans, vegans, farmers, students and many more.

Community interacts
People separate into their "label" boxes. Photo credit: Christian Solis

They were then asked to place a ball in a basket from their group for every question they answered with yes.

For example, guests placed a ball in the basket. If they relate with passion for dancing they’d do it in public.”

Community basket of common ground. Photo credit: Christian Solis

All done in efforts to provide an, “experiential common ground, rather than just a political common ground.”

Kate McCarthy, event speaker, said, “Hoping to show people that they have more in common with others in the community than they think.”

Christian Solis can be reached at [email protected] or @c_alexander20 on Twitter.