Fire Department hosts a 911 remembrance ceremony


Miller attended the 9-11 rememberance ceremony. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Chico Fire Station held a Sept. 11 memorial for victims and heroes of the attack.

Members of the community gathered around a 9-11 monument, 16 years later, on Monday. It took place at the Chico Fire Station Five.

U.S. Flag
A flag was risen for the ceremony. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Commemorating the sacrifice of the the firefighters who valiantly fought to save victims of the aftermath.

9-11 memorial
Chico locals gathered at memorial. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Korean War veteran, private first class Robert Miller, 86, attended the event to, “Show my love and dedication for the country I served, as well as the pain I felt in my heart that day.”

Aaron Lowe, Interim Fire Chief, ended the ceremony saying, “Never forget what happened here. Life is short, live each day with purpose… Never forget how this nation pulled together. The kindness, thoughtfulness and caring we showed. Patriotism grew, and however we captured that was a blessing.”

Sean Morgan, City Mayor, spoke at the event.

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