Man forgot his bike inside Safeway after rushing out mad


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police Department

Call Type: Disruption
Monday 6:24 a.m., East Avenue
Male being disruptive inside of Safeway was asked to leave. He rushed out of the store and left his bike. Ran behind the business, did not pick up bike until 9:00 pm.

Call Type: Domestic Disturbance
Monday 9:49 a.m., W. 8th Avenue
Woman was reported for attempted suicide.

Call Type: Illegal Camping
Tuesday 7:58 a.m., W. 8th Avenue
Woman in a white Toyota 4-Runner kept camping outside the house.

Call Type: Harassment Complaint
Tuesday 9:03 a.m, Unknown location
Woman reports being harassed by neighbors, and was worried due to their gang-related threats since last month.

Call Type: Juvenile Problem
Wednesday 5:32 a.m., Lily Way
Teenagers were climbing on condo roofs and jumping off.

Call Type: Warrant Arrest
Wednesday 11:19 a.m., Carmichael Drive
Woman tried to kidnap an infant.

Call Type: Disturbance
Thursday time not given, Floral Ave
Woman and man were screaming, when 20-30 gunshots were heard along with cries for help. People were running after with bats and more gunshots, across alley from Lutheran Church.

Call Type: Disturbance
Thursday 1:28 a.m., Woodland Avenue
Two males were seen with flashlights looking into backyards.

University Police

Call Type: Area Check
Monday 4:48 a.m., Whitney Hall
Male subject wearing black jacket with white beanie was seen cutting 3 bike locks.

Call Type: Vandalism
Monday 11:29 a.m., Brice Avenue
House appeared to be vandalized, with broken glass in the front door.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject
Tuesday 6:49 a.m., Albert E Warrens Reception Center on Mansion Avenue
A individual in the backyard was looking around with a flashlight, he then disappeared.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject
Tuesday 9:33 a.m., Tehama Hall
Man was shouting at others, in the building.

Call Type: Transient Call
Wednesday 2:47 p.m., Arts & Humanities Buiding
Man in the break room area with a dog and no shirt, appeared to be ill.

Call Type: Rape
Wednesday 9:30 p.m., Whitney Hall.
Rape reported in dormitories.

Call Type: Property Lost/Found
Thursday 5:05 p.m., Campus W. 1st Avenue
Woman dropped her cellphone and credit card on campus. She was notified of an attempted use by someone else.

Call Type: Suspicious Subjects
Thursday 7:27 p.m., Stadium Way
Group of six men and women were smoking outside.