Queer week needs to go viral

Solidarity Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Solidarity Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

One of Chico’s core principles is valuing diversity. Around campus you may notice many encouraging depictions of what this means. For example, there are banners that display pictures of student and staff members from all different ethnic backgrounds smiling and recognizing “We are Chico State.”

This is heartwarming to the average student. Many love to be a part of a campus that tries hard to make students feel comfortable and accepted for who they are.

In addition, Chico State does it’s best to make sure that everyone is represented and made to feel welcome. If that is not enough to make LGBTQ folks feel welcome I do not know what will.

This upcoming week Chico State is hosting its annual “Queer Week,” in honor of members who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. The goal of these on-campus events is to embrace differences and show pride for who you are. It is about spreading support and educating our community

However, we can hold all these LGBTQ events, but the problem lies within the entire population of Chico.

We can talk about Chico State is a great and loving campus towards everyone, but we can’t say that enough about the Chico students and citizens.

Butte County voted for Trump. The biggest racist, sexist, transphobe there is. His military ban earlier this year is the biggest evidence for that.

That’s the biggest problem in itself. We can say that Chico State’s ideas of tolerance and diversity may get through to young and impressionable college students, but not to the population of Chico.

How do we fix this?

By supporting LGBTQ causes. That’s how. However, it’s not enough to only be supportive of these causes, there must be a viral movement within Chico to really get the message out to the Chico population.

Knowing that there are many Trump supporters in the Chico population isn’t benefitting the Chico population. It doesn’t help Chico feel welcome.

LGBTQ people are valid. There shouldn’t be any argument at this point, but people like Trump have normalized hatred and inspired many to hate the same way. Charlottesville is the perfect example of that. There is no way we can allow that to happen again.

To conclude Queer Week, on Friday, there will be a Pride March! The march will start from the Trinity Commons at 6 p.m. Show your support by marching for the celebration and acceptance of all. Be proud of who you are and always spread the love. Peace, love, unity, and respect.

Danielle Cortes can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.