Chico Police Advisory Board discusses youth related issues


O’Brien spoke about finding the root of childhood delinquency in their family. Photo credit: Christian Solis

The Police Community Advisory Board had an open discussion on community issues with the public Wednesday evening.

The Police Community Advisory Board meeting was held in the Old Municipal Building. Photo credit: Christian Solis

The topic of discussion was youth related issues in the community. Police Chief Michael O’Brien opened the topic, emphasizing his belief in preventing problems before they occur by digging to the root of problem behavior in children: family.

Children in Butte County are exposed to some of the highest levels of Adverse Childhood Experiences in California, according to The Center for Youth Wellness.

ACE’s stem from negative experiences in a child’s family and seriously affect their behavior outside of home and in the future, according to Gloria Halley in the Butte County Office of Education.

“We have to approach these problems comprehensively and look at each problem from 360 degrees,” said O’Brien.

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