Man takes away his ex-girlfriend’s Halloween bike


Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Chico Police

Call Type: Theft
Monday 8:06 a.m., 1420 Sherman Ave.
Ex-boyfriend took his ex-girlfriend’s bike into his apartment. The bike was covered in Halloween stickers.

Call Type: Special Detail
Monday 8:09 a.m., Mangrove Avenue
Man slammed his girlfriend’s head and threw a coffee cup at her.

Call Type: Shoplift
Tuesday 5 a.m., 101 Main St.
A person walking down the street took some donuts and fled without paying.

Call Type: Refusing to leave
Tuesday 8:40 a.m., 465 Windham Way
Women was allowed to spend the night and refused to leave.

Call Type: Harrasment Complaint
Wednesday 10:06 a.m., 2233 Fair St.
A person at their work location was receiving fax messages with violent threats from an unknown number.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject
Wednesday 11:46 a.m., 201 Broadway St.
A man had incense in the area and smoke was seen coming out of the sewers.

Call Type: Welfare
Thursday 9:48 a.m., Park Vista Drive
A female client called saying she was going to harm herself. She was directed to a probation officer.

Call Type: Domestic Violence
Thursday 10:33 a.m., West Fourth Avenue
A female said a man was beating her in her apartment before the line disconnected.

University Police Department

Call Type: Abandoned car
Monday 9:16 a.m., Gateway Science Museum
A car was reported to be left with the trunk open and valuables visible.

Call Type: Hit and run
Monday 2:12 p.m., Yolo Hall
A dark blue Jeep Cheroke almost hit a student after picking someone up from class.

Call Type: Alarm
Tuesday 6:04 a.m., Meriam Library
An individual entered the library and set-off the audible door alarm.

Call Type: Hit and run
Tuesday 10:09 a.m., Orange Lot
A burgundy Toyota Tundra backed into another vehicle and drove away.

Call Type: Suspicious subject
Wednesday 11:19 a.m., Alpha Phi house
A suspicious male was walking down the street yelling at passerbys.

Call Type: Rape
Wednesday 9:54 p.m., University Village
Rape incident that occurred during the night time was reported at the dorms.

Call Type: Medical aid
Thursday 1:37 p.m., Butte Hall
A man was having seizures.

Call Type: Disturbance
Thursday 4:12 p.m., 35 Main St.
A woman was hitting a man as they walked down the street.