Creepiest movies to watch this Halloween


Photo courtesy of the Lights Out website

The best scary movies to watch during this spooky Halloween season.

It Follows

This movie is a not-so-friendly reminder to all your roommates to stay safe this Halloween during any sexual encounters… or else “It” will follow you. This film follows a teenage girl who starts seeing things and feeling a presence is coming after her after a sexual encounter with a guy she barely knew. The concept of this movie is a college kid’s nightmare. The girl’s friends and family didn’t believe her until some of them started experiencing the malevolent intentions of the evil being. Anything that is creepily following you can be scary, but if it’s from a sexual encounter that was supposed to be fun, then it’s even more horrifying. Plus, the only way to get rid of the dark entity from stalking you, is to pass on the evil to someone else. This film is available to stream on Netflix.

Lights Out

With the seasons changing and the night coming sooner, the true horrors come out in the dark. This movie is about a young woman named Rebecca, played by Teresa Palmer, who experienced frightening sights while growing up, but thought she escaped it once she moved away from home. However, her younger brother starts to experience the same terrifying things when the lights go out. The plot is brilliant because actual ghost that is haunting them has an interesting relationship with the family. Additionally, the cinematography throughout this film makes it one of the best horror films to watch in a group setting because it won’t matter if people are talking over some scenes. There is fear and tension throughout the entire film that’ll keep you on the edge of your seats, and even give you goosebumps long after it’s over. This film is available on Amazon Video.

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