Students share study habits for finals

Whether you need a good laugh, a new coffee shop to refuel at or a new music playlist for background noise while you study, these Wildcats share what helps them study for finals and what they do to lower stress.

Jennifer DeWitt, sophomore business marketing.

Jennifer DeWitt

Q: Where do you like to study besides the library?

A: I like The Naked Lounge because it’s downtown, so it’s close to campus and I just love the way it looks inside. It’s just so calming. It’s the best coffee around and it’s local and I love supporting local places. I’d go there over Starbucks anyday. They have couches and they usually have outlets on either side of the couch. So I’ll sit at the end of a couch and it’s also nice because you meet new people. Some people will sit down with you and have a conversation even if you don’t know them.

Q: What helps you study?

A: I listen to instrumental music. I’ll have a Pandora station and I’ll just have my headphones in the whole time. The music is just like from movies. It puts it all together and I never really know what it is but it’s calming. Or I’ll listen to Mumford and Sons or Of Monsters and Men. You know, calming, indie music. I like listening to music when I do homework.

Kyle McFarland, junior sustainable manufacturing.

Kyle McFarland
Kyle McFarland

Q: When you take breaks from studying for finals, how do you fill up that time?

A: For breaks I usually browse the internet or watch comedy shows like “Parks and Recreation” or comedians on Netflix to help me de-stress by laughing!

Yul Kwon, psychology graduate student.

Yul Kwon

Q: Does anything help you study better and stay focused?

Straight up coffee, just regular — like strong coffee. I like to go to Peet’s Coffee & Tea and get regular coffee. They have the strongest coffee that wakes me up and makes me focus.

Q: When you take study breaks from studying for finals, how do you fill up that time?

A: I think because so much studying is done on the computer, it’s just easy to take a break on the computer and watch Youtube videos to clear your mind. I listen to classical music, whatever is on Pandora, because I think music with lyrics is more distracting. If it’s just melody then it helps you focus.

Cassandra Gutierrez-Luizzi, freshman, musical theatre.

Q: When you study and take breaks do you do something in particular during those breaks?

A: When I study I usually study for a good two or two and a half hours and then I”ll take a good hour or an hour a half gym break in between and then I’ll go back to studying and do yoga to calm me down.


At the gym, I run first for a good ten minutes to warm up, then I start working on my abs. I have certain sets that I do and then I start working on my arms and I lift weights and then I do my legs and then I do my workout circuit (abs, arms, legs) and I do that 4 times. Then I go back and study more and I do yoga at the end before I go to sleep just to calm me down because my brain will be worked out.

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