Nontraditional classes offered at Chico State

Group of students paying attention in class. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Group of students paying attention in class. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

There’s more to life than business and math classes.

Maybe you’re a freshman not sure what major is right for the future, or you’re a senior finishing up the last class you need to take to graduate. There are a lot of classes that might be on your mind for the next semester or beyond.

There are so many that multiple students have raved about, and if you have the room in your schedule, perhaps think about taking them. All of these classes are known as either being an easy A, super fun and interesting or unlike any other class offered on campus.

Kinesiology classes:

Basically, any kinesiology class is going to be a great elective to take. They have so many options ranging from Yoga (KINE169) and Bicycling (KINE 117A) to Aikido (KINE142) and African and Afro-Caribbean Dance (KINE170). Listed below are more of the top classes recommended by the KINE department.

KINE 123 – Indoor Rock Climbing

KINE 121 – Backpacking

KINE 125 – Scuba Diving

KINE 296 – American Sports and Film

KINE 113F – Ballroom Dance

Creative classes:

Grab paintbrushes, circle glasses, pencils, guitars or Mac Demarco inspired attire to release your inner artist. Whether writing an award-winning poem or singing in the choir, these classes will spark your creative side in the best way possible.

MUSC 411A – Choir

ARTS 260 – Intro to Ceramics

JOUR 325 – Magazine Writing

ARTS 276 – Introduction to Glass Art

MUSC 249 – History of Rock Music

Sexuality and health:

Get in touch with your body, learn about the wonderful world of gender, sexuality, drugs and health. These classes are important for everyone to take once in their college career. They will open your eyes to a whole bunch of information that will make you say, “I can’t believe I didn’t know this already.”

SOCI 133 – Sociology of Sexuality

BIOL 323 – Biology of Sex

HCSV 370 – Drugs in Our Society

HCSV 386 – Women’s Health

HCSV 265 – Human Sexuality

Other classes worth taking:

Possibly being classes not looked twice at before, these are known for being intriguing, eye-opening and worth noting to fellow Wildcats. If only all classes were as interesting and fun as these, maybe we would go to class more often.

ANTH 333 – Nature, Culture Environment

HIST 135 – Chicano Studies

PSYC 391 – Prejudice, Hate and Violence

ANTH 40 – Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

ANTH 340 – Anthropology of Food

Your classes don’t have to be so serious all the time. Have some fun and explore the unknown.

Kendall George can be reached at [email protected] or @kendallmgeorge on Twitter.