How to know you’re from Chico State

Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

Danielle Cortes

We all at some point have seen those funny and accurate starter pack memes while scrolling through social media. There are thousands of those memes, even accounts dedicated to solely posting various starter packs. They range from the “I yell at my wife in public” starter pack to the “I want to be a video game designer because I have a lot of good ideas” starter pack. If Chico State had a meme starter pack compilation it would include the following objects/ sayings:

  • “Are you from NorCal or SoCal?” When you first meet a fellow student this is the question to ask. Because a huge majority of students who go to Chico are from some part of California.
  • A HydroFlask. That good ol’ stainless steel water bottle, you can catch every student carrying around campus. Most of the time, they are decked out in an obnoxious amount of stickers. Although they can be a little pricey, it really is a great investment considering it can keep your water cool for 24 hours. So jump on the trend y’all
  • Birkenstocks, also known as the most basic sandal you can spot on campus. If you don’t own a pair, do you even go here? No wonder Birks are so popular because they are extremely comfortable, and ideal for an active walker. The material made out of Birks, sort of form to the shape of your feet over time and it comes with a lifetime warranty. So think twice before judging the appearance of these wack sandals — they are actually really nice. Catch yourself at the Birkenstock store downtown, how ‘bout that?
  • A bottle of Burnett’s vodka. This does not need much explanation. After all, it is “Chico water.” Makes sense because it is the cheapest vodka sold at most liquor stores. For college students trying to get turnt on a budget, this sounds like a great idea…. until you wake up the next morning with the worst hangover.
  • Dutch Bros! In Chico, it’s fair to say Dutch rules over any other coffee chain. The employers are hella friendly which makes spending five dollars worth it, plus they always stamp your free drink card many times after just buying one drink. That is great customer service right there!
  • “I lost my keys!” Hey guys, last night I lost my keys if you have seen them please message me. Sound familiar? That is just a normal thing, to have happened to your average Joe on the weekend, it is no wonder why freshman carry lanyards.
  • Some form of Chico State apparel, rep what you know! There is no better way of feeling like you belong than wearing that hoodie or hat that reads “Chico State.” We are all in this together, wildcats.

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