New science building to begin construction


The plans for replacing Siskyou Hall have been proposed since last semester. Photo credit: Natalie Hanson

The construction of a new physical science building on campus will be initiated in fall of 2018, as announced in a university news release Thursday.

The new building will be replacing Siskiyou Hall, after this building is demolished.

“The building will provide advanced teaching labs for the sciences, enhanced hands-on learning and real-world research opportunities, increased opportunity for cross-disciplinary partnerships and greater campus exposure to science,” the news release stated.

The estimated cost for the 110,200-square-foot building is $101 million, with an expected completion for fall of 2020.

“Chico State students and faculty will find the building design energetic and interactive, providing an environment that is supportive of applied learning and research,” President Gayle E. Hutchinson said in the news release.

Hutchinson previously unveiled photos of the building at her address to the campus Monday.

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