Steer away from dating apps this Valentine’s Day

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

When someone is longing for a relationship or has recently had a breakup, Valentine’s Day is a cruel reminder of reality, according to Psych Central.

Sometimes, those who are in a vulnerable state look for satisfaction and acceptance through dating apps.

Attraction and desire cannot be predicted by data, according to a new study by Sage Journals. This means that dating apps are inaccurate when matching two people together based on their profiles.

While matching and messaging, many spend a small amount of time actually connecting with matches in person. This is a perfect reason to step out of your comfort zone and meet people outside the online dating world.

Effective dating should take place in person. Meeting someone outside of dating apps is more of a natural experience than a systematic one.

However, this can be difficult for people trying to find the courage to talk to someone, especially if they fear rejection. Try to steer away from the apps this Valentine’s Day and try something new.

Chico State students share their insights on Valentine’s Day and how to steer away from the online dating world to find a suitable match more naturally.

Adam Cintron, Chico State freshman. Photo credit: Karen Limones

Adam Cintron:

Q: What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

A: “Valentine’s Day is the day to show someone your appreciation for them and maybe get a date. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend take them out on a date. Get dressed. Shower.”

Q: Is it better to find someone systematically or naturally?

A: “I think it’s better to find someone outside of dating apps because it will happen more naturally. You can meet them and get their vibe before just seeing a picture and coming into it with expectations.”

Carmen Venegas, Chico State sophomore. Photo credit: Karen Limones

Carmen Venegas:

Q: Is it better to find someone outside of dating apps?

A: “When joining a dating app, I feel like I’ll encounter a lot of creepers. Therefore, I would say it’s better to find someone outside of these apps because you see them and you get to know them more.”

Q: Do you feel dating apps are effective? What is a good way to meet people?

A: “A lot of people on dating apps seem to approach more towards sex than dating. I don’t think they’re effective unless you’re looking for a hookup. I feel like an effective way to meet people is by attending events, such as PTP or The Tear for Chico Unplugged.”

Drew Belisle, Chico State sophomore. Photo credit: Karen Limones

Drew Belisle:

Q: How do you meet people other than dating apps?

A: “There are bars, but some people don’t like that kind of setting, so for people who don’t like that setting, it’s tricky to find those places where you can meet that person. A good way to meet people is by attending events. I’ve seen it happen myself where people find things in common and they connect right away.”

Q: How do you approach someone you like or want to get to know?

A: “Some people are intimidated when approaching people, so I suggest smiling. I also love the people who say, ‘if you’re a piece of chocolate, what piece of chocolate would you be?’ because that makes you think for a second.”

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