The truth about Greek Life


Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

I can’t say I am too fond of the idea of joining a sorority. It’s because I see how much of the party life they are involved in that has led me to believe all other stereotypes. One of my biggest fears when thinking about joining the Greeks is the pressure of consuming alcohol or drugs.

Research consistently shows that Greek life involvement leads to a heightened risk of alcohol and drug abuse, according to EliteDaily. In all honesty, I also didn’t want to pay over a hundred dollars to join a clique that parties every weekend.

However, these stereotypes aren’t always true. According to SeattlePi, many students steer away from Greek life because people assume it’s all about cliques and partying. External Vice President of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc, Noemi Ibarra, says that joining the Greeks are far beyond the stereotypes and being a part of such a chapter has helped her find her home at Chico State.

“When being in a sorority and fraternity it comes with tasks such as weekly business meetings that prepare you for professional settings,” Ibarra said. “You have to get community service hours done so it helps us get involved within the community and also making a lot of friendships and connections along the way.”

What do sororities and fraternities offer that our campus doesn’t offer already? I didn’t see the big picture behind the Greek life and why students choose to rush. Turns out, there are many reasons you should join.

Here are three reasons to consider joining a sorority or fraternity:

1. Academic Support

According to The Best Schools, one benefit of Greek life that contradicts common public perception is academic support. While media often highlights the party atmosphere of frats and sororities, many hold study sessions, perform volunteer work and host events for members. This is beneficial to the chapter because it helps them create a bond while helping one another to improve their academics.

2. Networking/ Social skills

Although connecting with someone online doesn’t compare to creating physical friendships on a personal level, this is a great way to keep in contact. Greek organizations often help build networks for students that help them when looking for jobs, internships or recommendations. According to ThoughCo, Greek organizations offer networking opportunities to their members long after their college years.

“There are so many connections you can make. There are girls who graduated that still post on our Facebook page to this day and have a bunch of jobs offers that they share with the chapter,” said executive board member in Alpha Delta Phi, Carrie Requa. “One of the best parts of it is the events we do for a certain cause because you’re not only having fun making friends but also helping a cause.”

3. Creating long-term friendships

Believe it or not, these relationships created when joining a chapter are a completely different ‘feel’ than other friendships you make during your time in college. When you get along with your chapter brothers and sisters, you create a bond that usually last past graduation.

“The friendships you make, they are more genuine then a lot of people think. I know there are stigmas within sororities but going into it was so different,” said Requa

So, if you’re looking to join in with the Greeks, don’t second guess your decision, you may be making the best one for you. Stop by their tables during Rush Week or visit the main office. For more information, check out the Fraternity and Sorority Affairs homepage on the CSU website.

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