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Smoking before class on 4/20: To toke or not to toke

Photo credit: Katia Berg
Photo credit: Katia Berg

April 20 is an infamous day for college students, “sparking” the annual great debate: Whether or not to go to class high. Although it might seem fun at the moment, getting lit before geometry is probably not the best idea. Here’s why.

1. Money

Every class you attend costs money and wasting that money in a haze is a disrespect to you/your parents’ wallet and loans. It’s probably better to wait until after class to get so baked you can’t remember what day of the week it is. You’re supposed to be taking notes, anyway.

2. Getting Caught

Although some might argue that it’s not easy to tell when you are high, I would like to disagree. Even if you put the eyedrops in, are chewing gum and sprayed yourself with Victoria’s Secret perfume, professors are on the lookout for students trying to act sober when it’s obvious they are not. Especially on Friday, they will be especially aware of your failed attempt to look “all there.”

3. Anxiety

According to Calm Clinic, “Cannabis is often used to calm the mind and body. It’s a natural painkiller and one that people use often to self-medicate. On the other hand, studies have linked marijuana to problems with anxiety – both causing anxiety on its own and making anxiety worse.” Don’t take the chance on this one because the likelihood of your anxiety sparking up during a history test is greater than if you were in the comfort of your home with a bag of chips and Netflix.

I understand that April 20 is an iconic part of college culture, especially at Chico State (whether or not we want to admit it). If you do choose to smoke a doobie before class, here are some tips to follow to make sure you have a successful trip.

1. Don’t smoke right before class

Give yourself at least 40 minutes to let the high sit in before you walk into your English class. If you don’t check your state of mind, its possible to sit down and realize you are way too high and it could lead to anxiety.

2. Cover the smell

Even if you don’t think you smell, sitting in a closed room with sober people will make your scent stand out. It’s time to be extra cautious. change your shirt, put your hair up, chew some gum and spray cologne or perfume. However, even if you follow all these precautions, the likelihood of you standing out because of how potent you are is inevitable.

3. Snack

Snacks are a must but make sure if you bring them to class it’s not a first-time occurrence. Bring snacks to class all week to get your professor used to the fact that you eat gummy worms at your 8 a.m. Don’t bring food to any class that doesn’t allow it and avoid loud, crunchy bags. If all else fails, save your snacking for after class.

Kendall George can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @kendallmgeorge.

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