Chico Police investigating shooting of two mobile homes in Chico

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Police responded to reports of a shooting at 370 East Lassen Avenue on Sunday around midnight.

The Chico Police Department has confirmed that at the time of the incident, officers were already on the street responding to an unrelated call and were dispatched to the scene immediately. There was no suspect at the sight of the scene, but two mobile homes suffered damage after being fired on by a handgun caliber firearm. No persons were found injured in the shooting.

Officers searched the area and tried to locate the shooter but had limited information. They made contact with several suspicious subjects but were ultimately unable to locate the suspect.

The shooting is currently under investigation by CPD officers and a crime scene investigator who has yet to determine a motive for the crime. Anyone with any additional information regarding the shooting is encouraged to contact the Chico Police Department at (530) 897-4900.

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