Circus Vargas makes another appearance in Chico


The Circus Vargas returned to Chico from September 14-17.

Pirate costumes, acrobats, clowns, fog machines, loud music, colorful lights and entertained families filled the Chico Mall parking lot this weekend.

Circus Vargas, featured in the novel and film “Water for Elephants”, performed its new show “Dreaming of Pirates”, Thursday-Monday at the Chico Mall. Families with kids were the predominate audience here, which isn’t surprising considering the show itself is a family operation. Co-owned by Nelson and Katya Quiroga, each member of the Quiroga family is involved in the day-to-day operations that keep the circus running smoothly.

The show consisted of mostly pirate-themed acrobatics, slapstick humor and illusions. Families laughed and gasped as each new act began.

One part of the show featured a huge wooden pirate ship with trampolines on each side. Acrobats used trampolines to flip over each side of the ship while sword-fighting.

These massive, yet portable, props are necessary as the show continually moves to new locations all throughout California. In each new location, it sets up a massive tent, filled with benches, food and decorative stage props.

In between acts, clowns made their way to the stage, entertaining guests while the employees set up the next stage.

Circus Vargas features no animals and predominately caters to children. It offers discounted tickets to children less than 11-years-old, and free tickets to children less than 2 years old.

Keep an eye out for Circus Vargas next time they travel through Chico.

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