Arts in Review Podcast: Superhero movies continue evolving from comic book roots


The two leading comic book creators, DC and Marvel, have created some of the most beloved characters in popular culture. Images from Wikipedia.

This week on “Arts in Review” we’re back with a discussion about the myths and legends of modern-day superheroes.

The last decade has been packed with movies based on comic books. Some get the idea right, others fail to realize what makes them special. As time goes on, these movies have evolved from simple popcorn flicks to films that can raise interesting philosophical questions.

Join us as we go over the past few years and highlight what movie studios have done right, and what some of them need to change in order to keep up. Comic books have seen a great deal of change in the last few years. When the media landscape is as competitive as it is today, it can be hard to see where graphic novels fit into all of it. In a time when superheroes are more popular than ever, should the source material be taken as seriously as the movies that spawn from it? Listen to find out what we think.

0:27 Introduction: Our recent comic book reviews – Batman and Venom
3:25 The use of the “anti-hero” (“Venom”)
5:35 Types of characters in comic book movies
8:00 Ambiguous morals in superhero stories (“Infinity War”)
9:18 Letting superheroes have more fun (“Guardians of the Galaxy”
11:57 Marvel’s type of moviemaking
12:43 DC Comics’ movie issues
19:03 Series fatigue
23:03 Do the movies need to stay faithful to their source material?
28:14 Comic book arcs

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