Correlating Chico’s cold front to better grades

Matt Murphy

Ah, the first week of a new semester. A biannual event that sees friends reconnect and books get purchased as Chico’s population grow by thousands overnight. Previous choices, good and bad, are pondered, learned from and repeated or desisted.

Reconnecting is often what gets Chico State students into trouble. The streets of downtown Chico on a late August night at the start of the fall semester are filled with students reveling in youth and warm weather.

That won’t be the case this week as students once again flock to Chico to begin a new semester.

There are key differences that cause the reactions to the beginning of these two seasons of academia.

The largest is that in the spring, everyone has at least a semester of college under their belt. Those who came to school thinking it was one big party should have discovered that, alas, it is not. Those who plan on being successful in their studies have learned from any mistakes they made and know how to start a semester on the right foot.

For those unclear, the first step to starting off a semester on the right foot is to remember your first Friday night back.

Personally, I prefer the start of spring to the start of the fall semester. With the shorter break, it’s easier to adjust to being back at school and in the swing of classes and work. You’re half way done with the year and just have to stare down three and a half more months until summer.

The effect that weather has on Chico’s party scene at the beginning of the spring semester cannot be underestimated. I find going out in 30-40 degree temperatures unpleasant. I can’t imagine others don’t share this sentiment.

Chico had a quieter Halloween weekend this year compared to years past, which was mostly attributed to an increased police presence.

However, according to WeatherSpark, October also featured the longest cold spell of 2013 in Chico, with 20 days through the end of the month reaching below-average temperatures. The coincidence of smaller less Halloween crowds is difficult to deny.

Take advantage of this down time before the weather warms back up. If you are someone who does go out a lot and can’t resist the draw, this is a good time to get ahead, before temptation calls when spring is out in full force.

A new semester is a chance to hit the reset button. Analyze what did, or didn’t work for you, and start over.

College is about growing and improving yourself. Don’t let those “extracurricular” activities get in the way of what you’re really here to do — learn. Make good choices and start responsibly.

I promise I’m not your mother.

Matt Murphy can be reached at [email protected] or @matthewcharlesz on Twitter.