Agriculture brought to the city


Plump pumpkins from the harvest festival Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Farm City Celebration (FCC) brought the farm to the city, on Saturday, with its harvest festival.

The FCC Harvest Festival is a celebration of agriculture. It’s been going on yearly for 14 years. Bidwell Mansion used to run it, but the FCC took it over and made it into what it is now. Theresa Schneider has been with the FCC ever since this change.

“We’re letting the community know that we’re still a very intense ag community and that’s what our community was built on, agriculture,” Schneider said.

Tractors brought to the festival Photo credit: Justin Jackson

Many agriculture organizations were there, including the Boy Scouts, The California Cattle Women, and Briar Rose Farm to name a few. Many people appreciate the festival because it reminds them of the importance of what agriculture does for the community.

Briar Rose Farm goats from a petting zoo at the festival Photo credit: Justin Jackson

“Most kids live in the city and never see tractors or any of this stuff,” Roy A. Gilmore said.

“It’s a good introduction for people who don’t get out in the country,” he said

Gilmore also mentioned the hidden population people don’t see working in agriculture.

“The Hispanic community is much larger than anyone imagines,” he said.

“People aren’t aware of that because they don’t get out to the farm areas,” he said

For more information about the festival and any future events you can go to the FCC website

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