Wildcats get shredded at the WREC


Students get prepared with their harnesses and look at the different rock climbing courses to choose from the one they want to attempt to climb to reach the top. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

To test wits, endurance and intensity, the Wildcat Recreation Center, on Sunday, held a climbing competition.

The Shredding, as it’s called, is a top-rope climbing competition. It’s based on the five toughest climbs you are able to complete throughout the event, according to Sam Steadman, an employee that works at the climbing wall. Steadman is also a frequent climber.

Sam Steadman belays for students who are climbing the rock wall. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

“I’ve been climbing since I got to Chico State,” Steadman said. “I’m a senior now and it has really changed my life and I would like to see other people get really involved in it too,” he said.

Some people would rather climb, than lift weights or run for exercise.

“It’s a fun exercise to do,” Theron Fumasi, a senior at Chico State said.

“It works different body parts than regular weightlifting,” he said.

Theron Fumasi reaches for a rock to grab onto and pull himself further to the top of the climbing wall. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

Many people like climbing because of the atmosphere. They have conversations about climbing and other common interests. People were constantly motivating each other and giving advice on how to conquer routes.

“Me and my best friend wanted a winter activity that was outdoorsy but wasn’t outdoors so we started climbing,” Vanessa Chisum, a Chico State student, said.

“We come at least twice a week. It’s almost like a date,” she said.

Vanessa Chisum reaches for the final rock to complete her course climb. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

There were also people that just came to watch others climb. Cheers roared out when someone reached the top and let out “awwws” of disappointment when they failed to reach the top. Most stayed until the winners of three different categories of climbers were announced.

The categories and winners are listed below:


  • 1st place: Vanessa Chisum
  • 2nd place: Ky Price
  • 3rd place: Andy


  • 1st place: Sofia Lepore
  • 2nd place: Emily Ruble
  • 3rd place: Christopher Abel


  • 1st place: Greg Rubio
  • 2nd place: Erik Estrada
  • 3rd place: Max Pond

For more information about events at the WREC, you can visit their website.

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