Here’s to 70 degrees in January

It’s the end of January and I wore shorts yesterday. It’s warm outside.
I can’t tell you why and I certainly can’t tell you how, but now we all have to deal with it.
Like any difficult situation though, there are upsides and downsides. Let’s go through a couple shall we?

1. It feels like spring: And let’s be honest, for the time being that’s not that terrible. I’ll never complain about wearing shorts and tank tops.
2. Save on bills: It’s that gloriously perfect temperature where you don’t need the heater and you don’t need the air conditioner. Sorry PG&E.;

1. Mosquitos: Nature’s vampires have begun to wake up and regroup. It’s almost worse than anything on my TV billed as containing vampires.
2. It’s only January: This is all good and fine now, but thinking of the weather in May scares me a little. Summer is coming and it’s only going to get warmer.

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