Wildcats send Lucky Loggers packing


Marvin Timothy slams the ball in against Humboldt State Saturday night. Photo credit: Mathew Boe

Lucero Del Rayo-Nava

Unfair calls and Humboldt State’s aggressive defense was what Chico State faced Saturday night at Acker Gymnasium. It showed what the team was truly capable of as the Wildcats gutted out a 67-65 win over the Lucky Loggers.

“Everyone stepped up, everyone played well it wasn’t a one person shine,” Malik Duffy said.

After coming out victorious against California State University, San Marcos the previous weekend and ending their own losing streak, the Wildcats looked to keep the momentum going.

The rivalry between both teams was evident as the score was tied nine times throughout the game. But that did not stop Chico State at all, as they dropped 12 three-pointers collectively.

“We just have to be confident and shoot as many as we would if we were making them,” Spencer LaShells said.

Isaiah Brooks looking for a passing lane against Humboldt State on Saturday. Photo credit: Mathew Boe

In the first half, both teams were on each others tails, not allowing either to have a lead larger than five points. As Humboldt played aggressively, Chico State was not to pushed around and played aggressively back. It wasn’t until the middle of the first half that the officials started intervening and making calls that upset the Wildcats more.

As the Wildcats fought against their frustration, the Lucky Loggers used this to their advantage and got a three-point lead at the end of the half.

Layup attempted against Humboldt State Photo credit: Mathew Boe

“This whole week was a tough week for practice and we emphasized defense and rebounding,” Duffy said.

In the second half, Chico State was hungry for the lead and it showed as Isaiah Brooks started off the half with a three-pointer to tie up the game. But Humboldt was out to prove themselves and followed with a three-pointer to take the lead once again.

This ignited the Wildcats as Duffy and Kevin Warren came back scoring a three-pointer each within the same minute.

Kevin Warren dribbles the ball in against Humboldt State Saturday. Photo credit: Mathew Boe

Chico State was on a roll and created an eight point lead, the largest one of the night. The Lucky Loggers struggled to come back, gaining momentum until the last two minutes of the half.

Slowly Humboldt closed the gap trailing by three-points. Warren extended the Wildcat’s’ lead with a successful three-pointer in the last minute.

The intensity in the last minute was felt throughout the crowd and a few bad calls allowed the game to prolong. Humboldt gained possession and scored four more points, putting Chico State in a tough position.

As both teams were at each other’s throats, the Wildcats came out victorious through their dominating defense and confidence in shots.

“Defense definitely made sure that we won the game tonight,” LaShells said.

The Wildcats look to keep their two-game win streak alive next week as they take on Stanislaus State in Turlock. That game tips off at 7:30 p.m. and is viewable on the Wildcat Schedule.

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