Sprinting back into the track and field season


Teddy Kassa followed by Jason Intravaia in the distance medley relay. Photo credit: Lucero Del Rayo-Nava

Lucero Del Rayo-Nava

The track and field team kicked off their season early Saturday morning with a welcoming scrimmage between the Cardinal and White Intrasquads. Although the scrimmage performance was not for any season record, it showed the skill level both teams are starting the season with.

“Coming out here and being able to kick the season off at home with all your friends and your family coming out and watching us means a lot,” Teddy Kassa said.

This event honed in the feeling of what it meant to be part of the Wildcat Family. It was a time where individual runners came together and showed what they had been training for during the offseason.

“Everyone’s been looking great during workout days, looking good on their mileage and we have a few injuries but you know everyone is going to come back stronger than before,” Kassa said.

The scrimmage was a time to prove the amount of grit each runner hand, while not having the pressure of performing to a desired ability.

“It is a little bit of a time trial more than a race but I have been trying to treat it more as a competition because I want to see where I am at,” Jack Hacker said.

The encouragement that the teams embodied produced positive results, as they showed dominating performances. They didn’t miss a beat from last season.

“I already got a personal record in my 800, I got two seconds faster of what I ran last year,” Hacker said.

With stellar performances and team unity, the Wildcats strive forward into the season with their head held high.

“What I’m looking forward to really is for everyone to be happy, to see everyone get their personal records, to see everyone be healthy,” Kassa said.

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