Police respond to rumors of man on campus asking suspicious questions


Chico State Police were present outside Meriam Library following rumors about a suspicious subject Photo credit: Kendall George

Updates: Earlier, it was reported that the Chico Police Department responded Monday morning to the rumors of a suspicious subject being on campus. It was actually the University Police Department who responded.

There has also been a confirmation that the suspect was not on campus Monday morning according to a message by University Police Chief John Reid.

“There is no immediate threat to campus”

The University Police Department was on campus Monday morning after an online rumor started about a potentially suspicious man being at Meriam Library. Police Chief John Reid sent out an email at 12:04 p.m. addressing the rumors and assuring campus and community that officers are aware of the situation and taking the necessary precautions.

The suspect was not seen on campus Monday morning. Later in the afternoon, University Police found the subject off campus and issued a “Stay Away” order, according to a message by University Police Chief John Reid.

According to officer Lance Conlan, the suspect has been identified as Daniel Darrington, 32. Darrington was arrested in 2015 for carrying a concealed weapon at a local movie theatre.


Press Release.png
Daniel Darrington was arrested in 2015 for illegal possession of a concealed loaded firearm according to a press release by the Chico Police Department

“He was indeed arrested by Chico Police for carrying a concealed firearm at the movie theatre here in town. However, there was no information associated with that case that he had any intent to do any harm to anybody,” Conlan said.

University Police are addressing the rumors as a “meme” because they started on Twitter and are not confirmed to be true.

Rumors of the suspicious subject Daniel Darrington being on Chico State’s campus spread through various screenshots.

“We have been on this case all morning since it came to our intention. This did not originate from any legitimate or authorized source. Out of a due precaution, we have posed an officer here at the library. That is more due to the public anxiety over the meme going around versus our thoughts that this is an actual threat,” Conlan said.

University Police were also seen outside of Holt Hall, another location where there were unsupported claims of Darrington being on campus.

The Chico Police department official phone line is not taking any questions for media at this time. Further updates will be posted as we receive them.

People wishing to identify a suspicious person on campus can call campus police at 530-898-5555 or dial 911 if they are in immediate danger.

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