Wildcats Track and Field perform strong despite rain


Chico State warming up and practicing the pole-vault on Saturday at the University Track Stadium. Photo credit: Matthew Ferreira

Matthew Ferreira

Chico State hosted the Wildcat Invitational track meet Saturday at University Track Stadium. Both the men’s and women’s teams performed well at the invitational with many personal records being set, as well as having a few top-three finishes.

One of the main focuses of the stadium was the weather. It rained almost throughout the whole meet, but the Wildcat’s performance was not affected.

“We’re almost always training outdoors and prepare ourselves well to perform in the elements the best that we can,” women’s track and field coach Robert Nooney said.

The women’s team was dominant in many events and placed first as a team with a total of 278 points. The second place finisher, Southern Oregon University, finished with 86 points on the day.

Chico’s Sheena Blackwell excelled at the meet and won two events. Her efforts in the 400-meter dash and 400-meter hurdles earned her first place in those events and she also competed with her teammates in the 4×4 run.

Nicole Anthony also did well as she took home first place in the 1500 meter dash and set a personal record in the 800-meter dash to help the Wildcats secure some huge points.

Anthony and Blackwell weren’t the only Wildcats to set personal records. Talia Swangler broke her record in the 5k and the 1500 meter dash. Alyssa Ashburn placed second in the long jump with a personal record of 5.43 meters.

Eva King placed first in the triple jump and high jump with personal records of 11.19 meters and 1.57 meters, respectively.

Chico also did well on the men’s side of things. In the 800-meter dash, they had six runners in the top 10.

The Wildcats also took home first in the 1500 meter dash, 5000-meter dash, 4×400 relay, high jump, long jump, shot put and hammer throw events.

Chico will look to continue their early season success at next week’s Sacramento State Hornet Invitational.

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