How to enjoy the Superbowl without your team

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Matt Murphy

On the eve of the biggest sporting event in the country, it’s likely that you may be waking up knowing your favorite team isn’t playing.

I am also a passenger on this boat as my beloved 49ers came up short two weeks ago. Here’s how you can still enjoy Superbowl Sunday.

1. Pick a side: Yes, I’m a little bitter and will be vehemently and enthusiastically rooting for the Broncos. However, all games are more fun when you have a vested interest. Do some quick research on the Seahawks and Broncos, pick the one you like, and hop on the bandwagon.

2. The Puppy Bowl: If you just cannot get fired up for the game, stay home, turn on Animal Planet at halftime and watch puppies tumble over each other, on a miniature football field. Nobody will blame you.

3. Gamble: Look, I’m not encouraging you to go to Vegas and bet your savings account. Almost every aspect of the Superbowl is bet on though, most commonly the winner and the score each quarter.

If you can’t enjoy the game you might as well make a little a money off it, or have some fun trying to.