Freshman Wildcats treated to orientation events


There were artistic posters on tables as freshmen sorted through the stacks to find the ones they liked the most. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

Chico State kicked off the new school year by welcoming first-year students for the 2019 to 2020 academic school year, through a series of campus events.

Students are drawn to Chico State from all over for the campus scenery and dining hall choice as well as the educational and academic programs that Chico State has to offer.

“I attended summer orientation and toured the campus while I was here so I wouldn’t be so lost the first week,” first-year criminal justice major Gina Gallia said. “Chico has been super interesting so far. I really like my classes and I love that there are many opportunities to get involved here.”

Gallia is not currently involved in any academic or extracurricular activities but is planning to join the Criminal Justice Student Association.

In regard to her academic experience so far, Gallia said she was pleased. “My classes have been great, I like all of my professors a lot and I like having my own freedom to create my own schedule.”

Many events have occurred on and off campus for first-year students to connect with each other and get to know the school a little better. Among the events were: sunset socials, Rock the Block, The Big C, mandatory academic meetings, game night at Meriam Library, Dogs n’ Donuts, movie nights and more.

“I went to the movie night on campus and a few other events at University Village and all of them have been pretty fun,” Gallia said. “I went the first week we were here, so it was cool to meet so many new people.”

Alexia Garcia, a freshman majoring in exercise physiology, also shared her experience so far as a new wildcat.

“I attended summer orientation and it helped me a lot in course selection and figuring out which classes to take to help me graduate in four years,” Garcia said.

“I live at University Village and so far my experience at Chico State has been pretty good. I’ve made a lot of friends through classes and social events. I like the independence and sense of freedom I have in college and figuring things out on my own.”

Garcia is involved with the First Generation program and has enjoyed its benefits.

“(First Generation) has actually given me information and help I didn’t get through the school itself,” she said.

For more information on where to receive services or updates about on and off-campus activities, visit Chico State’s website.

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