Chico State student gallery displays unique interior architecture

Interior architecture students got a chance to showcase their work on Thursday in the BSO gallery of Ayres hall. Focusing on student-made furniture designs, the gallery emphasized the hard work and talent that these majors bring to the table.

The gallery featured models of furniture designs created by students in the interior architecture department, each focusing on different thematic elements. Graduating senior Tymberline Bealer explained how her piece was created and what the inspiration was for it.

“The theme of my tiny house was that it was on the edge of a waterfall, so I was making a chair that would resemble a waterfall.”

Tymberline Bealer's piece
Work done by senior interior architecture major, Tymberline Bealer Photo credit: Danielle Kessler

She described how each individual piece of wood had to be glued together and sanded, to keep the surface from sliding and make the finished chair look polished.

Bealer also explained how choosing interior architecture as a major was easy after she took an introduction class.

“I saw interior architecture, and I was super interested in that my whole life,” Bealer said, adding that after she took the introductory class, she knew design was something she wanted to pursue as a career.

Rouben Mohiuddin, professor of interior architecture, also shared how his students’ work reflects the practices of the major.

“Our program is separated into a series of different studios,” Mohiuuddin said.“Each studio increases the level of technical know-how and a level of intensity.”

Mohiuddin described how students in interior architecture learn to work with simple materials like plywood, and turn them into elegant furnishings.

A big part of the classes he teaches is “creative thinking, being artistic, and learning how to work with materials.”

Array of Furniture Designs
There was an array of furniture designs at this event and it wowed many who came inside the BSO Gallery. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

Throughout the gallery, visitors could see up close the values and skillsets interior architecture students learn during their time in the program.

Different furniture pieces, like chairs and lamps of all sizes, upon inspection revealed perfected details meticulously crafted over the course of the semester by these creative students.

Events such as this gallery provide valuable spaces for interior architecture students to present and feel proud of everything they’ve accomplished in their journey within the program.

Danielle Kessler can be reached at [email protected] or @reserv0irpups on Twitter.