Shoplifting arrest leads to struggle


25 year-old Mark Bailey was arrested for shoplifting and resisting an officer. Image from Chico Police Department.

On Sunday evening, the Chico Police Department (PD) responded to a call leading them to the Kohl’s store to arrest a suspect shoplifting from the store

At around 6:54 p.m., an employee at the store pointed out the suspect to Chico PD, according to Chico PD’s news release.

While the officer attempted to arrest and detain the shoplifter, the suspect reacted violently, which led to a physical struggle.

Eventually, the suspect was finally taken into custody and identified as a 25-year-old Mark Bailey.

Bailey was finally arrested for shoplifting and resisting an officer. During the incident, both Bailey and the officer suffered from minor injuries.

Bailey is currently being held pending further investigation.

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