Senior at Chico State passes away suddenly

Terrence Carter, 31, passed away suddenly on Sept. 12.

Carter, who was a senior at Chico State, transferred to major in Environmental Science after graduating from American River College and earning two associates degrees in environmental conservation and administration of justice.

Shortly after graduating, he began classes in 2016 and would commute from Marysville while caring for family back home. Carter being on track to graduate this fall, walked with his friends and before his family during Spring Commencement.

During his years as a student at Chico State, Carter formed relationships with his professors.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about him. I had him in three different classes…I got to know Terrence slowly,” said Environmental Science Professor, Shane Mayor, who Carter took three environmental courses with over the span of three years.

Through those 3 years, Mayor was able to see how Carter evolved as a student and member of the Chico State student body, “He made a pretty dramatic transformation early on at his time here at chico so I was impressed by his ability to do that” Mayor noted.

Aside from his academics, Carter was passionate about fishing, hunting and the outdoors. “I learned he as an avid fisherman and at that time I was trying to introduce my son fishing who was 6 years old at the time. I mentioned this to Terrence and once he knew I was trying to fish for Salmon, he began showing pictures of salmon he had caught.” said Mayor as he recounted his bond with Carter over their shared interest.

“He clearly cared very much about the environment and he cared about people. He was gentle about how he spoke and I liked that about him. I was always impressed by that. I wish I got to know him more before he passed away,” Mayor ended.

Carter is survived by his parents, Teresa Carter-Willey and father Jamey Carter as well as his younger brothers.

A memorial service for Carter will be held next Wednesday at Lakeside Colonial Chapel, 830 D Street, Marysville at 6 p.m.-7 p.m.

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