Sexual assault reported on West Sacramento Avenue


The block at West Sacramento and Nord Avenue where the incident was reported. Photo credit: Kimberly Morales

On Oct. 3, Chico State’s daily crime log reported a rape that occurred in the 1100 block of West Sacramento Avenue.

According to the map report, the incident occurred at midnight. The victim at the time was also reported to be incapable of giving consent.

The 1100 block of West Sacramento Avenue where the incident was reported. Photo credit: Kimberly Morales

When asked for further information on the case, Chico State University Police Department (UPD) directed The Orion to Shane Murphy, Media Relations Coordinator.

At University Communications, the Orion was instead directed to another source, Chris Nicodemus, commander of University Police Department. UPD said that UPD’s chief of police, John Reid, is out of town and unable to comment on the event.

When contacted, Nicodemus stated that he did not know if the crime was being investigated and was looking for more information in order to answer questions.

Further inspecting the daily crime log, reporters had found that the report had been removed from the map earlier that day.

The next morning, the report was back on the map.

However, when reached, Sergeant Glander of UPD said no further information will be released on this case, in the next week or later on, “due to the circumstances of the case.” The only information that will be available to students regarding this case is the information currently on the UPD crime map.

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