Government Affairs Committee meets on Trinity Commons


The Government Affairs Committee takes public comments on Trinity Commons Photo credit: Carolyn Allen

The Associated Students Government Affairs Committee met on Trinity Commons Thursday to discuss upcoming events and other new businesses.

AS President Trevor Guthrie said the reason the meeting took place on Trinity Commons was to increase the transparency of the weekly business that the committee engages in.

The agenda had a variety of items including approval of funding for events, reports from each member and the implementation of the Resolution Supporting Civil Disobedience.

The audience had many students in attendance to watch the proceedings, including many clubs and organizations that presented to the committee.

The vice president of the on-campus club the Chico State Democrats Sara Bilotta said she came as an example to encourage other students to increase their civic engagement.

“We’re trying to encourage students to kinda take our campus back and making it so the students are in charge, so I feel like connecting with our elected representatives is really important and a really good step in the right direction,” Bilotta said.

Also on the agenda was the moving of the AS elections to April 1. There was much discussion surrounding this agenda item, but the motion to move the date was approved. Public comment on the change was not taken.

“Associated Students could go about listening to their constituents a little better. I think some of the questions that were asked were kind of not directly answered,” Bilotta said.

The committee also discussed implementing the Resolution Supporting Civil Disobedience which encourages students to stand up to social injustice. By implementing this it shows support of students challenging social issues.

Public opinion was taken during the discussion. Some who spoke were concerned that some protests and on-campus social movements would be supported more than others in regards to funding.

“It is important for us as students to be involved in this process,” Melys Jerez, a third-year intern for California Faculty Association said.

Jerez said that she is happy that she has time in her schedule to come to these meetings and be engaged with what is going on with the school.

“I would say that these meetings encourage me to be more vocal and louder on campus because I know what’s going on,” Jerez said.

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