Climate action training focuses on activism


Students gathered in Colusa to listen to different speakers talk about how to be an activist for the climate change movement. Photo credit: Jessie Imhoff

Associated Students Sustainability held a climate activism training night on Thursday.

The night focused on what it means to be a climate activist. Different examples of activists were given, ranging from outspoken people such as Greta Thunberg to being a “social media activist,” and using a platform as a form of activism.

“This is an event basically to connect students with local resources if they want to get involved in climate activism, and sort of to clarify what it means to be involved in activism, actions that you can take that will have an actual impact, and just having solidarity in that want to create positive change in our world,” Serafina Eagleton said. She is an employee of AS Sustainability.

The event started with attendees answering questions on papers posted on a wall. The questions included “What questions or confusions do you have about climate and climate change?” and “What evidence do you see that the climate might be changing?”

Some responses to the questions included comments like “If we make change now will we see a reverse or slower rate of climate change?” and “Longer fire season, no rain this November, and an abundance of hot days.”

The responses were discussed to get the conversation about climate change started.

Steven Marquardt, the hub coordinator for Chico Sunrise Movement and one of the speakers at the event, shared why he feels having ice breakers and open discussions is an important part of activism.

“We can really only do this work if we feel connected to the people around us, if we respect and care for the people around us,” Marquardt said. “Once we feel that respect and that love for those people and we know that they’re at risk we’re gonna do something about it.”

Marquardt also spoke about why he believes strikes are an important tool for activists to use.

“If we are going to change anything, if we are going to do it, is if we demand for something to be done and come to the streets in mass to do it,” he said. “I think coming to the streets is what we need and these strikes are kind of building toward that tipping point of people power that we need.”

The Chico hub of the Sunrise Movement will hold a climate strike at Trinity Commons on Dec. 6.

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