Infamous Stringdusters play bluegrass for non-bluegrass fans


Danielle Kessler

Grammy award-winning bluegrass band, the Infamous Stringdusters played at the Senator on Wednesday, January 22.

Danielle Kessler

Grammy award-winning band, The Infamous Stringdusters, put on a genre-bending show on Wednesday at the Senator Theatre. With songs varying from classic bluegrass to a more contemporary sound, the band played an experimental show for the audience.

The band performed a full-length show where they exhibited the different sounds of their progressive bluegrass group. Band members Andy Hall, Andy Falco, Chris Pandolfi, Jeremy Garrett and Travis Book played instruments including guitar, banjo, and fiddle. Each member was able to prove the band’s level of expertise.

The Infamous Stringdusters started playing more traditional bluegrass songs, like “It’ll Be Alright” from their 2018 “Live From Telluride” album.

After a few songs, the band transitioned into a five-minute jam session where every member contributed a sound. The band transitioned from a country sound, to something psychedelic and trance-like at times. For many audience members, this was a part of the night that made them get up out of their seats to dance and enjoy the musical variation that The Infamous Stringdusters provided.

There was no short coming of jam solos. As the night progressed, the crowd was in for a treat as the band played what sounded like a tribute to the age of disco — with an added bluegrass feel to it, of course.

The band also performed a few popular covers to songs that seemed strange at first for a bluegrass band to be covering. However they put their own twist on songs like Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”, The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” and, of course, the classic Grateful Dead’s “Terrapin Station”. The covers made for an interesting and never-dull performance.

The audience responded well to the mix of genres throughout the night, so much so that the band finished off the night by playing an encore.

The Infamous Stringdusters gave a distinct performance that captured the audience’s attention and made a full-length show seem short.

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