How to select the perfect Valentine’s Day movie

You’ve already done all the hard work, finding the perfect date, finding an open table for dinner on Valentine’s Day and now you’ve made it back to your place. But there’s one grueling task ahead of you; picking a movie to watch.

Although it seems simple, with all the streaming services’ vast selection of movies to choose from, here’s some tips for how to make a quick, educated movie selection.

–       Never pick a great movie. Although it seems counter intuitive, picking a great movie may have you both glued to the screen more than each other. 

–       If your movie turns into background sound, make sure the movie you pick has a good soundtrack. It’s also best to avoid movies with a lot of loud action sequences, they can be distracting and aren’t conducive to a Valentine’s Day mood.

–       It’s never a bad idea to be prepared and have some movies saved beforehand. You don’t have to stick with your saved movies but having some suggestions at the start is never a bad idea.

Now that you know some of guidelines for picking a good Valentine’s Day movie, here are some of the movies I may watch with my valentine:

–       “Failure to Launch” (Hulu/Prime) – An easygoing romantic-comedy movie about a middle-aged man (Matthew McConaughey) still living at home and his parents hire an expert (Sarah Jessica Parker) to motivate him to move out. 

–       “Hitch” (Hulu/Netflix) – A single man (Kevin James) hires a dating consultant (Will Smith) to help him find a partner. The movie is full of hilarious situations that will surely have you and your date laughing. 

–       “Murder Mystery” (Netflix) – This Netflix original follows a New York Cop (Adam Sandler) and a mystery novel-loving wife (Jennifer Aniston) as they get sucked into a convoluted murder plot during their late honeymoon. Adam Sandler is full of hilarious dad jokes in this twisted comedy.

–       “We Are Your Friends” (Netflix) – Zach Efron is an aspiring DJ from California trying to make it big. The movie shows how he tries to balance his love life, friends and passion, with added drama along the way. This movie has a good soundtrack and will leave you feeling inspired. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s also a huge selection of great scary movies across all streaming services. “Cabin in the Woods” (Hulu/Prime) puts an interesting twist on classic scary movies. Another great scary movie is “Paranormal Activity” (Netflix), that will surely have you and your valentine snuggled together. 

Instead of looking through streaming services for half an hour, aimlessly looking through Netflix, use these tips to find yourself a good movie, and you may get to watch a sequel.

Elijah Ewing can be reached at [email protected]