Women’s basketball star, Maddy Wong, ranks high

Maddy Wong, point guard of the Chico State women’s basketball team, is one of the deadliest three point shooters in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). This is done largely in part by her ability to be consistently accurate behind the three point line.

According to the NCAA ranking summary, this 5 foot 5 inch senior is currently in the Top 20 for three point field goals and in the Top 50 for three point percentage.

Before transitioning to point guard at Chico State, Wong was a shooting guard at Elk Grove High School. She considered herself a scoring machine.

“I’ve always got the green light. I’ve always been a shooter and after coming here, coach made me point guard,” Wong said.

Upon entering her senior year at Chico State, head coach Brian Fogel wanted to transition her back to shooting guard. This move allowed Wong to focus her ability on scoring from anywhere on the court.

Throughout her senior season, Wong has posted a 40.3 three point field goal percentage, ranking second in the CCAA. Wong also ranks second in three point field goals per game, averaging 3.3 three pointers per game.

Wong’s most impressive outing came on Jan. 4, as she was able to put up seven three-pointers against California State University, Dominguez Hills. As the lone senior on the team, Wong has embraced the leadership role.

“It’s tough because we are so young,” Wong said, “I am trying to be the leader, and being a two guard makes it hard to be a leader from that spot. I just try to lead by example and be supportive.”

After graduation, Wong is eager to continue her education and earn her PhD in chemistry.

“The plan right now is just to graduate, but I have been accepted to three schools and I have an interview this following week at UC San Francisco,” Wong said.

As a bright, talented and motivated individual, Wong has helped the Wildcats on the road to success this season. 

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