Wildcat Spotlight: Jacqueline Massey-Blake


Jacqueline Massey-Blake is a sophomore from the Bay Area and came to Chico State to pursue her degree as a business information systems major. Massey-Blake has a very diverse background in sports but she ultimately fell in love with running. 

“I ended up my junior year of high school deciding that track was definitely a sport that I really enjoy. I really like the fact that it’s an individual sport while also being part of a team,” Massey-Blake said. 

While being on the team, Massey-Blake has developed strong relationships with many of her teammates, but she gives special props to a teammate who she shared the start of her Chico State journey with. 

“I came in with Savannah Bailey,” Massey-Blake said. “She was a freshman like me. She runs the 400-meter. We’re also on the same 4×400-meter team and the same 4×100-meter team. We get along really well especially because we share the hardest workouts together. You can really grow close to someone like that. I just look up to her as a person as well. She’s a really inspirational person that’s someone my age.”

When Massey-Blake is not running track, she is working hard in school. 

“What’s interesting about being an athlete is there’s a large chunk of your day where you have to be in practice,” Massey-Blake said. “I can’t have class from 2-6 p.m. That takes away from other opportunities. I’ll usually wake up pretty early and go to class.”

When Massey-Blake isn’t focusing on school or training, she enjoys the fashion scene and loves to travel.

“I’m really into shoes and knowing different things about streetwear, but also athletic wear,” Massey-Blake said. “I want to travel the world. I have grandparents living in South Africa and Portugal. That really opens up a lot of opportunities for me to travel and incorporate that in fashion.”

While juggling a tough school schedule and being an athlete, Massey-Blake feels very fortunate to have a strong supporting family behind her whom she is very close with. Her older brother also attends Chico State and is currently a junior. 

“My family is a huge part of my life,” Massey-Blake said. “My parents have always been the most supportive people. Every single track meet that I have, no matter how far, they’ll drive for four or five hours to come watch.”

After the conclusion of this semester, Massey-Blake will have two years left at Chico State. In attempt to earn her degree, there are other opportunities she hopes to be a part of and accomplish before graduating and moving on to the next stage of her life.

“I would really like to grow as an individual and build my relationships with people. I want to be involved on campus, which is why track and being a part of the business realm is really important,” Massey-Blake said.

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