Wildcat Alumni Spotlight: Corey Silverstrom

Photo By Tom Andreason

A Chico State education can give someone the skills needed to excel in their future career. Alumni Corey Silverstrom’s career of choice is basketball. After a successful European league rookie campaign, you could say he is excelling.  

Silverstrom’s rookie year in professional basketball was cut short by the novel coronavirus. He made an immediate impact in his 23 games played by averaging 14 points, 2.3 assists and 4.2 rebounds for the Randers Cimbria, a Danish professional team. 

Silverstrom, who lived in Nord Gardens apartments while attending school, cherished his time at Chico State.

“The coaching staff, my teammates and the community were all supportive,” Silverstrom said. “I [gained] a lot of life lessons at the school that benefit me now.”

After Silverstrom’s junior collegiate season where he posted 13 points, 2.4 assists and 3.3 rebounds, scouts began showing interest in him. After deliberation, Silverstrom decided to stay and continue his education during his senior season at Chico State. Silverstrom’s value only increased in his senior season as he averaged 15 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds. At this time, he knew he had the potential to pursue basketball as a career. Immediately following the season, he went on to hire an agent. 

This year, Silverstrom began his professional basketball career in a country he was completely unfamiliar with. While training and practicing every day, he initially experienced culture shock. After acclimating to Denmark, Silverstrom became enamored with exploring the local culture and traditions, citing this as his favorite part about living overseas—besides basketball. Silverstrom mentioned that being outside of his comfort zone in Denmark forced him to learn more about himself and ignore any distractions to fully focus on basketball.

During his season in Denmark, Silverstrom looked forward to Chico State’s social media posting throwback content of him or his old teammates. His memories as a Wildcat are still fresh in his mind, including winning the West region championship. He looks back at this as his main playing highlight from his days at Chico State. 

“We text here and there (current coaches and players in theWildcat basketball program),” Silverstrom said. “I have nothing but love for everyone that’s a part of that program … Coach Clink and all of them.”

Unfortunately, Silverstrom was forced to come back to the states upon the cancelation of his rookie season. He is currently working diligently at home to improve his game, staying in shape by biking and running. Like many other pro basketball players during quarantine, Silverstrom does not have access to a basketball hoop or court. Although, he does have a basketball to dribble around. That is all he needs to continue to chase his dreams. 

“My goal has always been to play in the NBA,” Silverstrom said. “If I’m gonna do anything, I’m going to try to be the best at it.”

Arrow VanAbrams can be reached at [email protected] or @Arrow_3 on Twitter.