Police Blotter – Feb. 4 – Feb. 8


Chico Police Department:

Wednesday, 11:04 p.m.: Counterfeit bill reported at 303 Main St. “Reporting party has a $20 that he believes is counterfeit. Bill has jagged cut and can see the ink from the next bill. Reporting party says everything else checks out on the bill. Reporting party would like an officer to come look at it. He will be available at business. Reporting party knows who they received it from. Subject who has bills is waiting in bar for bill back once officer reviews it. Bill was not counterfeit/poorly cut.”

Thursday, 3:51 p.m.: Suspicious item seen on East Avenue. “Abandoned small lunchbox (six pack size) near front entrance. Staff has checked from outside, unable to see anything. No one has touched item, first seen 30 minutes ago by visitor to center. Enloe security has been notified but have not been available to respond. No calls, no threats. Reporting party has called back to advise lunchbox is not suspicious, someone picked it up and it is just an abandoned lunchbox.”

Thursday, 7:44 p.m.: Drunk in public on Mangrove Avenue. “Female has been drinking running from the Safeway fuel stations towards Baskin Robbins, only wearing a jacket, no underwear or pants. Singing/laughing and appears to be having a good time.”

Friday, 2:53 p.m.: Loose animals on West Third Street. “Two different reporting parties reported about four dogs loose harassing passersby. A black lab, chihuahua, a jack russell terrier and a great dane cross. Front open to male reporting party. No one answered door, dogs heard in house, door is closed now.”

Saturday, 6:59 a.m.: A transient refusing to leave on West Sacramento Avenue. “White female American transient inside store, refusing to leave. Talking loudly, banging on tables, cursing. Customers are uncomfortable. Just threw muffin across the store. Dancing seductively. Suspect has left, walking on Nord toward W. Sacramento.”

Sunday, 1:59 a.m.: Drunk in public on West First Street.. “Unknown male stumbled into reporting party’s residence, took off all his clothes. Appears inebriated and is on reporting party’s couch. Reporting party thought subject was a guest at first but has now confirmed with roommates that he is not. Subject not being aggressive toward anyone. Lying down on the couch. Requesting ambulance.”

Sunday, 1:39 a.m.: Subject refuses to leave at Carl’s Jr. “Made a purchase about three hours ago. Then laid down in the lobby and fell asleep, reporting party woke him up just now to tell him to leave and he is being a disturbance and yelling. Subject told to move along.”

Sunday, 10:07 a.m.: Drunk in public on Esplanade. “Female flashing vehicles as they drive by, dropping her pants and showing her female parts. Customers are complaining to employees at AM/PM. Reporting party called back-the female is gone now.

University Police:

Tuesday, 2:21 p.m.: Hit and Run outside of Physical Science Building. “Witness flagged officer over to report he saw a silver Dodge Intrepid hit another car and the driver leave. Message left for registered owner of the vehicle to come to structure. Victim’s vehicle is gone at arrival. Message left to check his ‘05 Chevrolet Avalanche. All parties spoke with officer and exchanged information. Handled civilly.”

Wednesday, 6:21 a.m.: Property lost, found recovered at the Planetarium. “Full backpack with yoga mat attached in the bushes next to the planetarium on Warner side. Located item. Collected property, will probably take to information center for “Lost and Found” property. Located computer in backpack but appears to be of no value. Will confirm and possibly pull property damage later. No further action, unit in service. Light blue backpack with clothing and blue yoga mat taken to the information center. Black Toshiba laptop without battery pack or charging cord logged into University Police Department lost and found.”

Friday, 4:03 p.m.: Suspicious circumstances in the BMU Breezeway. “Bookstore staff located a black backpack which appeared to have been ransacked and was empty except for few miscellaneous non-identifiable items. It was located in a corner near the phone pushed back out of normal sight range. I am told there is a garbage can nearby. Nothing located to identify bag owner, bag taken to information center. No further action.”

Friday, 11:49 a.m.: Elevator malfunction in Performing Arts Center. “Male subject stuck in elevator, possibly in basement. Male declined medical. Requesting assistance. Electrician already left the campus. Electrician stuck in traffic, estimated time of arrival, 2 minutes. No further assistance needed, with subject in elevator on north-east side of PAC, electrician notified via radio. Electrician arrived on scene, requesting electrician to return to assist, waiting to determine estimated time of arrival for him. Subject cleared from elevator.”

Sunday, 12:21 a.m.: Drunk in public by Butte Hall. “Resident advisor advising there is a white American male who appears extremely intoxicated currently running around exterior of Butte Hall with no shirt on. Approximately 6 foot 2 inches with black hair wearing blue jeans. Last seen on west side of Butte. Contacted reporting party who advised lost sight of him. Area check conducted and unable to locate on North Campus. Chico Police Department has received call in area of W. Sacramento/Warner St. for a male who has been drinking running down the middle of the street, possibly the same subject. Unable to locate Warner St. to W. Sacramento and all of West Campus.”

Sunday, 8:06 a.m.: Suspicious circumstances in Butte Hall. “Reporting party contact her supervisor prior to contacting UPD. When reporting party came to her class at 7:30 this morning, there was a male hiding in her classroom behind the door. He walked around inside the room, then exited the room. He left his gmail account up, he had been watching a movie ‘Casino.’”

– Compiled by Nathan Lehmann.