Woman disturbing Taco Bell customers, pants down

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Feb. 11 and 12

Chico Police:

Tuesday, 8:20 p.m: “Elderly driver, swerving across both lanes. Pulled west bound Kimberlee Ln, currently stopped, still in vehicle. 2nd call complaining of same vehicle. Someone else is trying to help her. Reporting party will try to prevent her from driving away. Says there are several vehicles that have stopped and surrounded the vehicle so it won’t leave again. Waitingfor subject’s son to pick her up. DMV re-exam issued and she was picked up by her son.”

Tuesday, 9:20 p.m: Subject disturbance at Taco Bell. “Female in front of the business harassing customers. Subject has her pants down around her ankles and continues to get verbal disturbances with staff about leaving. Female left. Female contacted at Thrifty Bargains and was told to move along.”

Wednesday, 8:09 a.m: Family dispute on Arcadian Ave. “Juvenile stating mother hitting her. No weapons. Sister and baby in the house also. Reporting party states mother is upset because reporting party asked for umbrella because reporting party couldn’t find hers. Mother in the living room, reporting party in her room. Mother aware police department being called. Mother got in reporting party’s face, juvenile pushed her out of the way and mother hit her with closed fist first time, then slap second time. No medical need at this time. No prior incidents like this, Mother uses alcohol and smokes marijuana. Unknown if under influence at this time. Both parties counseled, juvenile going to school. Both parties responsible. No further attention.”

Wednesday, 10:02 a.m: Subject disturbance on Manzanita Ave. “Subject above reporting party has been evicted, is holding reporting party and spouse responsible, has now started flooding his bathroom, water coming into reporting party’s bathroom through the exhaust fan. subject also stomping around house being loud. Both parties counselled. no further attention.”

Wednesday, 12:56 p.m: Suspicious subject on Whitewood Way. “Reporting party states subjects showed up at her home and said her daughter stole items from Corning, and wanted to search her home. subjects said if reporting party doesn’t let them inside, they will break in. Reporting party allowed them entry. A person came into home and looked around while reporting party was present. Subject is stilll at reporting party’s front foor. Two others are tnear the car. At this point, subject just came in and looked around. Reporting party is very scared, believed this is gang related. Reporting party’s daughter is en route home.”

University Police:

Tuesday, 1:43 a.m: Suspicious subject near Lassen Hall. “Suspicious suspect on male and female in the bike racks. Subjects saw suspect and took off running south through campus. White male American and white female American mid 20’s, male wearing all black, black hat and backpack. Unit out with subjects getting information at Plumas Hall. Subjects advising they were lost on campus looking for their friend’s house. Counseled and moved along.”

Tuesday, 5:09 p.m: Elevator malfunction in Butte Hall. “7th floor, two were stuck inside. The doors were forced opened they were able to get out. Sergeant advised of call. Blocked off elevator, elevator company advised.”

Wednesday, 1:35 p.m: Stolen bike on Main St. “Left unlocked at 10:00 a.m. and discovered at 1:15 p.m. Mustard yellow Challenger Pheonix. Cable lock cut. Anonymous male saw add on Craigslist and saw vehicle locked to a stop sign at W 1st Ave/ Palm (City). Reproting party was contacted and provided the details and given case number. Subject called to advise that was not his bike, still outstanding.”

Wednesday, 11:13 a.m: Battery near Student Health Center. “Subject riding his bike last night on bike path at Esplanade and Cohassett. Unknown subject pushed him off the bike, being seen at SHC walk clininc for injuries. Options provided. Victim requests no further attention.”

Wednesday, 7:26 a.m: Verbal disturbance at Whitney Hall. “Mother called advising her daughter is a freshman in Whitney who sent her an email for three weeks in a row, a male stands outside the Whitney dorms at approximately 7:00 a.m. and yells until he wakes some of the residents up, reporting party was asked to have her daughter call University Police Department to provide some specific details.”