Women’s basketball returns soon with four new faces


Chico State Sports Information

Jordan Morris goes up for a shot during a basketball game

The last time Chico State Women’s Basketball Team at played a game was over 18 months ago, right before COVID-19 shut everything down. It was a game in which the Wildcats lost 53-78 to the Cal State East Bay Pioneers.

Since that game ended, some students have graduated, while new ones have come onto the team. The new faces include Jordan Morris, Makenzi Laporte, Charity Gallegos and Toni Coleman. Their first game back will take place on Oct. 23 at home against Oregon Tech.

“I’m actually really excited to join the team at Chico [State],” Morris said. “It’s definitely a new experience being in California from living in Minnesota and going to school in Nebraska and the people are very different. Everyone was so welcoming and I just have had a really great time here so far and I’m really excited for the season.”

With the Wildcats first game of the season set to take place in a few weeks, Morris went on to talk about adjustments that need to be made after such a long layoff.

“My head is on straight,” Morris said. “It’s a very different mindset from being in the COVID year, adjusting and getting back into games. We’re a very competitive team.”

One player on the roster who has been on the team for over a year now, but has yet to experience a game is India Starr. 

“I’m very excited,” Starr said. “It was a rough year for everybody and honestly I think it’s amazing that all of us persevered through and we’re just excited to all be back on the court together. Me personally, I’m just excited to finally start my collegiate career and help Chico State out.”

Starr also went on to add how intimidating it might be when a new player comes onto the team and a new environment.

“I think it’s really awesome that we all have each other’s backs,” Starr said. “Knowing how it felt last year to not have a season and coming into a totally new environment, living on our own, we knew how things were last year, but now add basketball on top on it and also having to start college, we totally get where the incoming freshman as well as Jordan [Morris] are coming from.”

Makenzi Laporte dribbles the ball down the court in a basketball game (Chico State Sports Information)

The Wildcats hope to be competitive this season as they get ready to step out on the court for their first game that’s only a few weeks away. Laporte went on to talk about goals she has for herself during the season.

“For myself, especially my first year, it’s just getting in the groove and learning what Chico State basketball is all about,” Laporte said. “Bettering my team no matter where that is playing me on the court.”

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